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“The Wolf” by Savoy and Bright Lights

SAVOY is a live electronic rock trio from Boulder, now living in Brooklyn, consisting of DJ Gray Smith, Guitarist Ben Eberdt, and drummer Mike Kelly.  Their distinctive style incorporates the classic sound of rock ‘n’ roll into techno, dance, and bass music which they have fused together into the genre they created known as ERM (Electronic Rock Music). Featuring live instrumentation (drums and guitar), as well as vocals from grammy nominated artist Heather Bright, SAVOY‘s legendary live performances have been referred to as “one of a kind” and “the best [show] around”. 

This week, I have chosen Savoy’s brand new single “The Wolf”, which is actually a collaboration with Bright Lights. It opens with a techno sounding intro, and then moves into vocals that carry a certain edge to them. Although it is a pop style sounding track, it includes distinct electric guitar and aggressive vocals, so it perpetuates its own unique style. It’s worth the listen because it truly is not your average sounding pop song, it has a certain funk to it.

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