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“Anymore” by Surf Rock Is Dead

Surf Rock Is Dead (SRiD) is a Surf Rock band, with a hint of Psychedelic and Shoegaze to it. They are currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. Official members include Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg. Their band name originally was just a filler name but as time went on, they began to enjoy the irony of it. Information about what label they were with was unavailable, as well as most information about this band.

This week, I chose their track “Anymore”. This track was released with their self titled debut EP on October 9th, 2015. I chose this track because I think it really goes well with that awkward time of year where it isn’t really Fall anymore but not quite Winter yet. Vocal layering around 2:40 is very flattering to the track. Fast paced 80’s style guitar riffs add personality to this track, along with fluid vocals. The singer has a different voice, which is most definitely one of the feature’s of this track, especially during section’s prior to the chorus. This song is essentially about someone wanting to end a relationship and how thing’s are not what they used to be, which is relatable to so many people.

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