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Video Premiere: “Thinking About You” by Mirian

Current Sessions Productions is back at it again. This time, the Canadian production company has teamed up with Chalet Studio in Claremont, Ontario. The result of which is a gorgeous session featuring the talented Mirian, Kintaro Akiyama (Birds of Bellwoods) and Chris Campbell (Arctic Tern).

While these artists may have been new to each other, their chemistry together is palpable- and set against the backdrop of the gorgeous Chalet Studio, Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” takes on a new life.

Director, Nicholas Posthumus writes: “The video started as a simple job to promote a studio we loved and had worked in before. Eventually the concept grew to a degree that we wanted to showcase how comfortable Chalet was as a space to create and develop work away from the city. We brought together three artists we had not just a great working relationship with, but who we loved to spend time with, and asked them to spend a weekend living in the space together and totally reimagining something together. The result is what you see.”

We have been a fan of Mirian’s for a while now having previously covered a show of hers back in 2014, the same date I was first introduced to Birds of Bellwoods too. She has also had her music featured in an episode of Contra Zoom. Mirian, a soulful singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario  has also released another session video recorded at Chalet Studio earlier this year; a mash-up of her original song “Not Messin’” and a cover of Tarrus Riley’s “Love Situation”.

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