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“Still Chasing Nothing” by Kid Astray

Kid Astray is a band with a unique Indie/Pop with a hit of electronica style band originating in Sandvika, Norway. Band members include Benjamin Giortz on Vocals and synth/piano, Elizabeth Wu on vocals and synth/piano, Even Steine on guitar, Alexander Meek on guitar, Hakon Carlin on bass/synth, and Jakob Bechmann on drums and vocals. They becamse a band by meeting in an arts based highschool, in 2010.

The band is currently with Indie label, Cosmos Music. The label began in 1966, in Stockholm,Sweden. Their artist lf many talented and international artists, and are always looking for more. Their goal is to “find, to develop, and to market great musical talent in almost any genre”.

This week, I chose the song “Still Chasing Nothing” which was released in May 2015. This is an upbeat and fun song, about a relationship strictly based on infatuation and coming to the realization that it’s nothing more than that and probably will not ever be. The song features some unique vocals, constant synth throughout the song, and nice distribution of backup vocals. The whole song is just so clever and I have not been able to stop listening to it. Additionally, the music video is super cool and I think whoever is reading this NEEDS to watch it! If I were to relate it to another band, I’d say it’s a cross between Atlas Genius and St.Lucia, but still so different.

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