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“Aliens” by Fleece

Fleece is an Independent Rock band with psychedelic and jazz aspects to it. Band members include Matthew Rogers (piano/vocals), Gabe Miller (bass), and Ethan Soil (drums). They are based out of Montreal and have a goal to show others a different perspective on the Indie Rock genre, which they most certainly do. They make their music independently with production assistance of experienced musician, Patrick Mcdowell.

This week I am featuring their song “Aliens”, which is the first track off of their debut album “Scavenger”. The album was released in January 2015 and has many different aspects to it, but “Aliens being my favorite track”. The song includes a slow tempo with soft strumming of the electric guitar, and some excellent layering between guitar, drums, vocals, and some piano. The song includes an excellent build up to an epic breakdown. Rogers has a unique voice of a higher pitch, being very similar to Joe Newman of Alt –J.

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