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The Struts with Holy White Hounds at the Opera House

Photographs by Randall Vasquez

Someone once told me that nostalgia was destroying the way we create; we are stuck in a cycle of remaking classic movies and writing sequels and prequels to best selling books. I’d have to say I disagree, there is something wonderful about nostalgia. The feeling of being thrown back into a different time period, being launched into the past; especially when it comes to music. Music has the power to launch someone back in time; whether it be to an exact moment or an entire era. While it is important for music to be constantly evolving with time it is important to remember that it does not have an expiry date. It is obvious that the style of rock and roll has changed and we have moved away from the classic sound of The Rolling Stones and into a more alternative and electronic era. Classic rock fans are quick to point out that “real rock and roll is dead”, except of course when it comes to The Struts. With everything from their music to their appearance they’re bringing new life to music that seems to have come straight from a bygone era. 

The Struts are quickly gaining popularity all over America with one of the most diverse fan bases due to their appeal that crosses through generations. Lead singer Luke Spiller has hit the nail on the head with what it means to be a frontman with his glam rock style. Clad with a sparkling cape, bejewelled top hat, and plethora of glitter he completely and utterly owns the stage. He carries himself in a confident yet carefree way which together make it nearly impossible for you to look away (I should make a pun about Spiller “strutting” about the stage here but I can’t bring myself to do it). It is easy to see the way that Spiller commands the crowd, it took a few simple words and roughly 30 seconds for him to get the entire crowd on their knees and ready to jump. It’s as if he is a conductor and the crowd is his orchestra, constantly at his beck and call and eager to go.

Yet when you do take your eyes off the glitter and glitz that is Spiller you’ll notice guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Geth Davies; and you’ll be glad that you did. On the other end of the spectrum they are all clad in tight black jeans and leather jackets, in a true rockstar style. All together the entire band had the crowd in their palm of their hands. I always say that it’s the little things that make the show; whether that be a guitar solo in centre stage, the subdued style of a bass/guitar solo, or an acoustic rendition of a crowd favorite. They carried themselves perfectly through their major hits like “Kiss This” and “Dirty Sexy Money” and then through the ballads like “Mary Go Round”. From start to finish it is glaringly obvious why The Struts are gaining immense popularity all over the map. Their live show brings so much to the table that isn’t heard on their already extremely impressive debut album. They are daring and outrageous; constantly pushing the limits of their live show and reaching far out of the box. They are a reminder that music doesn’t have a set of rules that you must play by in order to succeed, that it pays to be different.  And most importantly The Struts are showing the world that rock and roll is in fact alive and doing very well. 

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