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Contact Festival Day 2: Disclosure, Marshmello, W&W, Slushii

As I headed into BC Place for the second day of Contact Music Festival, the patrons were completely revitalized from the amazing performances the night before. Eager festivalgoers piled into the stadium as Botnek revved up the sound system with their unique style of house music. The Montreal duo pumped bass heavy house through the speakers with their new tracks such as Pickles! and Simple Sounds. They enticed the crowd with tracks off their brand new EP titled Buffering, setting the vibes for the rest of the night.

 As 19 year old dubstep legend Slushii took the stage, the crowd erupted into excited energy. Julian Scanlan, who has only been producing for the past year or so, first came to the spotlight after his fellow contact artist Marshmello discovered him. Since then he has been a whirlwind of music production. He began the night with explosive dubstep; he frequently interacted with the crowd as the energy progressed. He threw in some crowd favourites such as his remix of Uber Everywhere and his original track Take My Hand. He ended his set with his beautiful rendition of Closer by The Chainsmokers through a sea of cellphone lights.

 Next up was W&W, a progressive trance duo from the Netherlands. They began their performance with their driving basslines from tracks such as Live the Night and How Many. Their set varied between trance, house and bounce music as the two Dutch natives continued to hypnotize the audience with their unique sound. They ended their performance with their rendition of The Chainsmokers’ Don’t Let Me Down.

 As one of the most recognizable anonymous DJ’s took control of the decks, the visuals began forming into the shape of an M. Slowly, Marshmello emerged from backstage and started playing Know Me, which after the build up he immediately dropped into Skrillex’s Make It Bun Dem. He expertly manouvered his music between heavy dubstep and his unique blend of happy trap music. He played some of his most recognizable songs such as Alone and Bounce. The visuals on the screen were immensely colourful, with little images of his logo bouncing around everywhere. He frequently called out into the crowd through his marshmallow shaped helmet, before he ended his set and thanked panerai replica watchesfake watches chinatown

 The lights cut out, and the image of a single dripping beam of light lit up the screen. Several more followed until it formed a multicoloured 3D cube on screen just as the two English brothers from Disclosure took to the stage. They began their set with the speech from their video, When A Fire Starts To Burn. They continued to bang out house tracks and their classic UK garage sound. They pumped out bass heavy house tunes such as, Latch and their remix of their original, Beautiful. They poured out blue tones through their lights and visuals and exuded dance vibes throughout the stadium. They thanked the crowd and left patrons wanting more.replica watches

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