These Retro Hobbies are Making a Comeback

Over the last few years, many people have tried to understand why the younger generations are taking up retro hobbies such as the lost art of quilting or the ultimate grandfather game shuffleboard. Perhaps, like fashion trends and hairstyles, some hobbies circulate and manage to make a comeback every now and again – or maybe the economic climate is forcing us to choose more humble activities. What’s more likely the case is that these hobbies that were once deemed fit only for grandmothers have been rediscovered because they are genuinely fun, and Generation Y has decided to put their own spin on them.

Today, we thought we’d take a look at two of the most popular retro hobbies that are making a comeback to see what all the fuss is about.


Arguably one of the most popular retro hobbies to be embraced over the past decade is bingo. This is particularly evident when it comes to online bingo, which continues to be incredibly popular around the world. Online bingo is accessible, social and available on almost every platform including desktop, tablet and smartphone so it’s no surprise that it remains a popular pastime. In fact, some online operators such as mFortune have created mobile bingo apps that make it easier than ever to keep playing despite our busy schedules. The brand offers an online platform packed with exclusive bingo games and bonuses including a £5 free no deposit bonus so you can play without spending a penny, which makes it worthwhile to try this format and see if it works for you.

Bingo’s successful revival is not limited to online platforms either, as there are still bingo halls scattered all around the world – and now, even bingo-based nightclub events. That’s right: nightclubs are now hosting bingo nights with the help of companies such as Rebel Bingo. Dirty Bingo is particularly popular around Toronto right now and even the Rarely Pure Theatre hosts an annual Dirty Bingo night where fans of the game come together to play, watch burlesque and dance – a clear indication that bingo has been revived and renewed by our generation.


It appears that bingo is not the only retro hobby that has been transformed due to the internet, as Knitflixing, also know as Netflix-and-Knit, is now an incredibly popular pastime amongs Millennials. Much like our grandmothers used to knit whilst listening to the radio or watching television, people are now knitting whilst watching their favourite shows on Netflix – and we have to admit it sounds pretty fun.

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and various other social media sites now have dedicated hashtags including #KnitFlix where knitters share their progress as well as their latest creations with other avid Knitflixers. Meanwhile, on Pinterest there are quite literally thousands of boards dedicated to this new era of knitting where fans can see other people’s crafts, share their own designs and even download free patterns.

Whilst it is difficult to truly comprehend why these two hobbies have experienced such a powerful renaissance, perhaps we are yearning for some authenticity and grit in this technological world where everything is made for us and everyone online is perfect. Instead of just buying a perfect blanket or going out to nightclubs just to dance, we desire to create our own genuine experiences

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