Lady Gaga electrifies the Super Bowl, Drones and all

On Sunday February 5th, Lady Gaga performed what she would refer to as the biggest performance of her life, as well as the one she had always been dreaming of- the Super Bowl halftime show. This jaw dropping performance had so many amazing aspects to make it the jaw dropping and epic performance it was- some saying the best halftime performance in years.

The show began with Gaga actually on top of the stadium, serenading the crowd with classic US folk song, “This Land Is Your Land”- and I don’t think there could have been a better way to begin the performance, considering how divided America is. She easily could have began the performance with one of her many hits however, she chose this song of unity and love with the city in the background, and stars twinkling in the sky. She then dove from the roof down into the stadium, and began performing “Poker Face”, which was one of her first hits. The performance featured a number of dancers appearing in a cloud of smoke, into an energetic routine. She performed a variety of hits including “Born this Way”, “Telephone”, “Just Dance”, which all featured amazing choreography with precise synchronization. The crowd of the stadium featured hundreds of fans with LED lights in which added a whole new aspect to the show as the lights created a variety of different designs, messages, and symbols.

“How you doing tonight Texas? Were here to make you feel good, you ready to feel good?” She asked the crowd before performing a very intimate and passionate performance of “Million Reasons”, off of her latest record “Joanne”.

This show was so impressive because Gaga has the ability to sing and dance at the same time, never losing her spark- and her vocals are absolutely stunning. Additionally, it is an unforgettable show between Gaga’s talent, her backup dancers, and technical aspects of the show.

To top off this already amazing performance, she followed up by announcing a world tour. She will be coming to Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on September 6, 2017! Thanks Gaga! Rock on.

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