Never cash a normal youth society again, howboudah?

It’s floating all across the internet, and all across the world – Danielle Bregoli; 13 year old girl from Florida whose fame rose from a very outrageous episode of Dr.Phil. Not only was this episode outrageous however, it made record-breaking ratings for the Dr.Phil show, which she is not afraid to flaunt. In addition to all of this madness she has become a huge internet meme, made an appearance in a rap song/video, has gotten into a short twitter feud with Soulja Boy, and now even has her own line of clothing. To the average person this may seem like a successful star however when you really look into it, it’s really sad.

This 13 year old girl (yeah, that’s right- 13) has risen to fame purely out of her disrespect and what I would call, failure. Not only is she completely rude and sets a poor example for tweens out there but, she dropped out of school (only making it to the 7th grade). Sure she has made some bank and publicity out of this and will probably be the next E! reality star but, this is all only justifying her wrongful actions. She went on the Dr.Phil show for improvement but as a result of this meme, it doesn’t look like those “improvements” from the camp she went to will be sticking around for very long as society continues to egg her on. Sure her disrespectful ways most likely came from home and how she was raised growing up however, the way she presents herself only came from society. The first time I saw her I thought she was 18 then when I heard she was just 13 years old, my jaw dropped. When I was 13 , the idea of anyone acting or dressing that way was completely unacceptable in society however the older I’ve gotten it is something that I see is much more normalized as kids I know that are younger than me, follow a similar type of way. I don’t know if this is just me but if I recall correctly, I didn’t remember the average 13 year old in my grade smoking weed and cigarettes and having their tits out-Having someone who is just 13 now be in the spotlight who presents this image honestly frightens me because I think that it can only make things worse in terms of who tweens are looking up to.

Overall, society isn’t happy about this. In fact, it’s mind blowing that this girl has already made more money than most people will make throughout their lives all because of this meme. Sure this definitely bothers people however, society does not realize that it is their own fault for sharing this and making it as big as it is. We are essentially the reason she is as big as she is- why? We are the ones talking about it on Facebook and re-tweeting things about it on twitter, that is where this all stems from. In all honesty, I think this can only get worse; the world needs a huge wake up call because this is pathetic.

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