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This Old Dog (2017) by Mac DeMarco

Final Rating: 8/10

Unleashing his third studio album, This Old Dog (2017), Lo-fi artist Mac DeMarco explores romance, self-growth and provides dad friendly tunes.  Known for his peculiar stage and online presence, this young Edmonton native’s music juxtaposition what he portrays on stage.

DeMarco provides more of a softer and poise sonic sound with his new record. DeMarco’s previous records, Another One (2015) and Salad Days (2014) rewarded him with a signature sound and successful acclaim. After releasing both LPs back to back, the 27 year old decided to take a break for a year to record his latest record as well as move homes. Recording, producing and mixing the album himself in his own studio, the record was available for streaming on May 5th via Captured Tracks and Royal Mountain Records. Acoustic guitars open the record in both “My Old Man” and  “This Old Dog” which were both singles earlier this year.

The album then transitions smoothly into “Baby You’re Out” and then to a track which is a toast to his lover called  “For The First Time.” Aside from being a multi-instrumentalist, DeMarco lyricism has always caught the ear of any listener. Poetic and insightful words that are embellished with serene vocals allow the listener to not feel overwhelmed but to be left in a trance. Songs like “Moonlight On The River” with his classic delay effects paired with a simple bass-line will put you in a state of tranquility. The album itself strays from his precedent style like the excessive effects and louder sounds — although songs like “Still Beating” and “Another One” allow OG DeMarco fans to find solidarity through this record as blues-y and woozy guitar-lines exist through these tracks. His growth and humility is what shines through this album with a bit of melancholy through the lyrics —“Looks like I’m seeing a bit of my old man in me” sung in “This Old Man” to “I’m home, there’s moonlight on the river, everybody dies” in the melodic chill track “Moonlight On The River.” If you are a DeMarco fan, this album will definitely come out as a bit of a change much like it was to myself but! It shall grow on you.

Mac is set to play a couple of shows in his home country in both Montreal and Toronto! Catch him on back-to-back dates on May 10 & 11 in Montreal and May 11 & 12th in Toronto!

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