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The Birthday Massacre with Sumo Cyco and Squid Lid at the Opera House

Goth Kids from in and around Toronto gathered at The Opera House as The Birthday Massacre kicked off their Under Your Spell Tour on Thursday night.

Opening the night was Squid Lid, a dark electro-pop band. With their masks, fluorescent paints, and catchy tunes, they really got the crowd going as it felt like we were teleported into a Goth Rave. It was really the perfect way to set the mood for the night. With each song came a mask change, and it was thrilling to see each creature come to life as the band performed.

Up next was Sumo Cyco. I’ve been following the band for a while now and was over the moon to see they were added to this tour. This was the first time I was able to see one of their shows where they didn’t play their set after midnight. Sever (or some of you may know her as Skye Sweetnam), had every single person in the crowd on their toes as she danced across the stage. Performing songs such as Anti-Anthem and Go Go Go, she kept everyone moving with her vibrant stage presence and had no problems jumping right into the crowd to sing and interact with everyone.

As 9:15 rolled around, all of the bunny ears started to appear amongst the crowd as fans eagerly awaited for The Birthday Massacre. The band opened up with their new song One, before jumping into some fan favourites such as Red Stars and Looking Glass. With her beautifully haunting vocals, Chibi and the rest of the band showcased their skills as they brought TBM’s discography to life. Watching the band interact with each other on stage, one could easily see that even after being a band for 18 years they were all still having a blast. As the night came to a close, the band ended their set with Pins and Needles and In The Dark.

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