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The Chainsmokers with KIIARA at the Air Canada Centre

Photographs by Katrina Wong Shue

The Chainsmokers turned the Air Canada Centre into a massive dance party when they brought their Memories…. Do Not Open tour to Toronto on Tuesday, May 30th. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have spent their career shutting down critics who said their catchy dance music couldn’t be commercialized. It took them awhile but the duo reached mainstream success with hits like “Closer” featuring Halsey and “#SELFIE”.

Taggart and Pall’s debut album, Memories….Do Not Open, came as a sweet transition from their two successful EPs. The album features collaborations with Coldplay, Jhené Aiko, and Florida Georgia Line. As their songs continue to dominate the music charts, the Chainsmokers quickly became a must-see live act. The duo’s live performances were nothing short of electrifying, which had fans anticipating their upcoming headline tour.

It was an evening filled with an remarkable production that included an animated backdrop, multiple forms of confetti, pyro, clouds of smoke, and an automated DJ table that repeatedly elevated to emphasize their stage antics. The set opened with “The One,” which quickly switched into a party-ready DJ set. The Chainsmokers had everyone dancing to their adrenaline-filled hits which included their remixes of “B2U” by Boombox Cartel and “Dreaming” by Smallpools.

Taggart and Pall are at their best when performing their DJ sets. With their synth-heavy production, hilarious stage antics which included some sweet dance moves from the duo, it’s no wonder they became a must-see live act for this year. For the most part, it felt like your typical EDM show but there were moments when they switched into a pop concert performance.

For me was the best part of the tour as it gave the Chainsmokers a chance to showcase their other talents. During this time, Pall spent most of time producing at the DJ table while Taggart did an impressive job in holding the audience’s attention by dancing around the front of the stage and jumping onto the DJ table. He did this while he sang to “Bloodstream”, “Break Up Every Night” and “Closer”. This act only kept the crowd more energized.

Another reason why the pop-style set was a highlight, the duo gave Emily Warren an opportunity to present those powerhouse vocals, which is featured on “Don’t Say”, “My Type” and hit single “Paris”.   Although her moments on-stage were short, it was appealing and memorable. After performing a string of more DJ-style sets, Pall and Taggart ended on a high note with “Last Day Alive”.

Despite what you may think of The Chainsmokers and their continue dominance on the mainstream platform, you cannot dismiss their ability to deliver a top-notch show. The Memories…Do Not Open tour was definitely worth checking out this spring/summer.

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