World Premiere

Song Premiere : “Losing Myself” by TheColdestNovember

Singer, rapper, songwriter, and graphic designer TheColdestNovember, formly known as Christian Tyrique Fuller, was born and raised just East of Downtown Toronto. Christian was brought up in a gospel church where his mother sang for the choir. He is a self-taught singer who practiced while washing the dishes and while taking very long showers. He has an excellent ear for music and uses sounds that paralyze the listener to engage them in every word sings. To fully capture the essence of his artistry, Christian doesn’t like to use the same producer twice and is constantly in search for a new, fresh sound to collaborate with. Stream TheColdestNovember’s debut track ‘Losing Myself’ exclusively on LiL!

From The Artist : “I made losing myself in 5 minutes. It was just how I felt at the time.. I didn’t have nobody to vent to, so I vented to my mic. Right when I heard the beat I knew what to say.” – TheColdestNovember

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