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“Coupled”: Blue Lobelia & Kurtis Eugene

This week is something different below the ground- collaboration. Rachel Bruch and Kurtis Eugene are two different musicians, additionally a couple, with two abstract and beautiful projects.

Blue Lobelia is Bruch’s solo project. I am featuring her most recent track, “Constant Mountain”. This is an alternative track with a heavy amount of Soul; a large focus on the emotion with a theme of fear of personal evolvement. Instrumentals mainly consist of soft strumming, which is very simple but so capturing. This track is absolutely stunning- it truly took me somewhere else. You can listen to the track below, and check out her bandcamp here.

As for Eugene’s project, I am featuring his track “This Love” which is on his latest album Old Rooms, New Light which you can check out here. I definitely got some Grizzly Bear vibes from this. It perpetuates similar ups and downs, themes of love, intensity, characteristics of a ballad, and variety in instrumentation and harmonizing. I love Grizzly Bear for all of these reasons. With that being said, you can imagine how much I adore this song.

The two collaborate between their solo projects in different ways, as they are both multi-instrumentalists with an abundance of talent. Bruch’s is also seen playing violin in Eugene’s live shows.

Eugene is currently producing, playing drums, bass, and accordion on Bruch’s upcoming album.

The talented couple are slowly planning co-written music, but currently have a larger focus on their solo projects and supporting one another through those.

Catch these hauntingly beautiful artists LIVE this week in Toronto on October 14th at the Local, playing from 5-7pm.

They will also be busking at Evergreen Brickworks from 10am-3pm on October 15th. 

If you live in the Niagara Region, they will be playing the Mahtay Café (one of my favourite spots in St.Catharines) on October 17th at 7:30pm.

Find them on Facebook :

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