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Song Premiere: “Fight Your Dark” by Sarah Hiltz

The new Sarah Hiltz single comes along like the last summer breeze. The sound of ‘Fight Your Dark’ is a grand encapsulation of those last nights before the fall chill takes over. Expertly played by Sarah and her band, the track’s immediacy shines through on the first listen. The golden melodies flow out of folk & country traditions, while melding her own characteristics throughout. ‘Fight Your Dark’ amps up the anticipation of the her new record Beauty in the Blue, out November 7th. The record is a compilation of songs and stories culled from her multiple journeys across Canada as a travelling musician on cross-country Via Rail passenger train, “The Canadian”. 

From the Artist: Fight Your Dark is about someone I never really liked or got a long with. I always find, for myself at least, that it’s easy to dislike someone or hold a grudge from a distance. A few years ago, as life would have it, I had to spend a bunch of time with this person collaborating on a project, and throughout that period I noticed my feelings changing. I was starting to understand them: where they were coming from, how they communicate, what their struggles were. And the more I understood, the more my grudge just didn’t matter anymore and the harder it became to dislike them. The song is about that point where I decided to just let it go and let myself like them, in spite of the past.”

Sarah Hiltz’s new album drops November 7, 2017. You can pre-order it here.

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