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Video Premiere : “Lift Me Up” by Raine Hamilton

From the Artist : “‘Lift Me Up’ is a song off my upcoming album, Night Sky, to be released March 2018. It is a brand new single. In this song, I am singing to my younger self. I’m saying ‘You don’t know this yet, but it’s going to be OK. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are good.’ In this song, I surrender my imagined control over life and things, I listen, and I trust.”

The ‘Lift Me Up’ video has a really unique concept + features 3 visual artists: Quintin Bart, Sarah Thiessen, and Callen Froese. Each artist created a companion piece to the song, connecting with its themes or content in some way. The video is made and directed by Winnipeg film maker Julie Epp. Quintin Bart is also the bass player on the album, and Raine’s long time trio mate. He was really involved in the arranging of the album and so his visual artistic contribution is a unique one.

“It was an interesting experiment to try find a visual expression of this music, and I knew right away I wanted to focus on light and cosmic themes,” says Quinton. “The idea of looking back to our past selves with kindness, compassion, and wisdom made me think of impermanence, destiny, and mysticism, thus the reference vintage tarot card artwork. While filming the time-lapse video with Julie, the light from the setting sun was blasting onto my page, constantly shifting the hue, contrast, and intensity of the image. Impermanence, light, and enlightenment are the main themes here.”

When: Tuesday, October 24th
Where: Burdock (1124 Bloor Street West)
Openers: Abigail Lapell & Dana Sipos
Doors: 8:00PM // Show: 9:00PM
Tickets: $12 in advance, $15 at the door (Buy tickets here)

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