Album Premiere: “Foreign Skies” by The Dreadnoughts

Coming out of a six year hiatus, The Dreadnoughts are back with their most anticipated album yet. An ode to the centennial anniversary of the First World War, Foreign Skies is an album that takes listeners through an emotional journey while still retaining the band’s classic high energy, Celtic sound. Drifting from hope and confidence to tragedy and suffering, the album portrays the loss of innocence that the world went through almost 100 years ago. This album marks a shift for The Dreadnoughts; a maturity in their content and their attitude, combined with their unique sound that fans know and love.

From the artist:

“It’s been incredible to make folk-punk music again after such a long hiatus. We went ahead and made the biggest, baddest, craziest album we could make. “
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