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Song Premiere : “NEVER” by Dear Pressure

From the Artist : “It’s our way of balancing the tension between wanting to go elsewhere and realizing that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. And that you need to own the fact that your sense of self is attached to your sense of place. We tried to develop a succinct sound for a year, mulling over a variety of sonic palettes, struggling to find something that encapsulated all our musical interests (and felt honest, too). Then one day we just jammed out, and we ended up with this neat interplay between the guitar riff and a synth line which felt like it was trying to break through everything above it. We liked that — it felt authentic. And that’s when we realized that’s how we needed to sound musically — owning where you are.”

Dear Pressure’s debut single ‘NEVER’ is brimming with confidence of much more seasoned project. Ultra-smooth production and impeccably elegant vocals sit side by side in a perfect sonic alchemy. There’s a coldness in their minimalism that fits effortlessly with our current darkened nights and chilled out winter vibes. ‘NEVER’ is a articulate introduction to a world completely their own. Crafting tunes that meld psychedelic bliss with groove-infused R&B, Dear Pressure is the project of guitarist/songwriter Matt Kahane and producer Quin Kiu. Built around the interplay of atmospheric textures and moody, soulful vocals, the duo first met whilst being chronically-absentee students at the University of Toronto in 2016. If their debut is any indication, everyone should hope they continue to miss out on classes and keep creating otherworldly compositions.

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