Connor Beck’s 2017 Year in Review – Staff Picks

Every year we ask our talented contributors to send us their thoughts on the past twelve months. These surveys appear untouched, and the only instruction was to answer the question however they see fit. –Dakota Arsenault, Music Editor


How long have you been with Live in Limbo and what do you do for the site?

A little over a year now. For the moment, I’m on a bit of a hiatus, but I’ll be back in a big way in 2018…


What were your three favourite albums of 2017?

DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar

Romaplasm – Baths

Man of the World – BAIO


What was the most underrated album of 2017?

Arcade Fire’s Everything Now. It generated a lot of mediocre buzz, but I still love that record. Maybe not their best work, but a damn fine album.


What was your favourite Canadian album of 2017?

Beauty Community – The Elwins. Underappreciated record, underappreciated band.


What were your three favourite songs of 2017?

tonite – LCD Soundsystem

Superstructure – Baths

Man of the World – BAIO


How many concerts and/or festivals did you go to in 2017?

No festivals this year, but at least a dozen or so shows. Not as many as usual because I was quite busy with school and work.


What were your three favourite concerts of the year?

Kendrick Lamar w/ Travis Scott and DRAM @ Rogers Arena

STRFKR @ The Imperial (have you ever crowdsurfed an astronaut?)

The Decemberists @ The Orpheum


What was your favourite festival you attended of the year?

None 🙁


What festival had the best lineup (regardless if you attended or not)?

Wayhome looked great.


What/who was the biggest musical disappointment (live or album) for you?

LCD Soundsystem’s new record this year, american dream, just still hasn’t clicked. They’re one of my all-time favorite bands, but save for a few tracks, I just can’t get into it.


What band did you see live for the first time that really impressed you?

The National. Outstanding live show, and Matt Beringer is truly a character.


What was your favourite new musical discovery of 2017?

Baths. Had never listened to anything by him, and first listen of his new record just blew me away. Looking forward to more from him (and working my way through his back catalogue!)


Who were you disappointed to miss seeing live this year?

Silversun Pickups. Last time I saw them was in 2010, and the shirt I picked up at that show is still one of my faves. Also Arcade Fire, who were hailed as the best live show of the year by some outlets, and LCD Soundsystem, who just straight up didn’t come to Vancouver.


Who should we be looking out for in 2018?

Jain is putting out a new record! She was my best new find of 2016, hopefully she will be your best new find of 2018 🙂


Who’s going to be headlining (or at least playing) all the 2018 festivals?

Arkells. They’re inching their way to the top, one door/jacket at a time.


This year the Horseshoe Tavern celebrated its 70th birthday, do you have a fond memory or favourite all time show from the club?

I remember the first time I ever went there was for an Electric Six show. I showed up a wee bit tipsy, and I remember stopping dead in my tracks and staring at the A&W food pick-up counter in the bar. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. To this day there are still few things that rival it.


In your opinion, what was the biggest music story?

The complete meltdown of Fyre Festival was outstanding entertainment.


Is there anything else you want to say about 2017 or predict about 2018?

I really enjoyed 2017 as a music year, despite the fact that I had much less time for live shows. The only thing that was depressing was the sudden decline of music festivals, especially Canadian ones. After the 2016 cancellation of Live at Squamish Festival, then a weak line-up followed by the subsequent cancelling of Pemberton Music Festival, it was definitely not a great year for the BC Festival scene (unless you’re into Shambhala, which apparently had a stellar 20th anniversary!). Hopefully 2018 brings new adventures and a stronger Canadian dollar!