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Vance Joy at Budweiser Stage

Vance Joy took his North American tour to Toronto at the Budweiser Stage on Friday, June 22nd.

Typically, the Australian singer-songwriter is known for his down to earth performances. They consist of a full band, simple lighting, and details behind most of his songs.

As I’ve seen him perform two times in the past 10 months, I was hopeful for something different as his past two performances were almost identical, other than a set-list change. With that being said, this has come from most people I have spoken to in regards to his set, along with the simplicity of it.

Here’s the thing- prior to this show I would say this: if you’re looking for a full blown performance and show, perhaps a Vance Joy concert isn’t your destination. That’s not to say the simplicity of his set isn’t to be enjoyed, as it is something I don’t mind. I have no issue with the idea of simple lighting and good quality live music, but some people want more and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Other than a festival, this was the biggest venue thus far I was to see a Vance Joy concert at (prior show was at the Danforth Music hall.) As he has had another two hit singles, I  pondered on the idea of him potentially stepping up his stage setup to make a harder hitting impression on a larger audience, whom may not appreciate a simplistic set in such a large venue.

Scott Hellman opened up the night, which was excellent. He had a fun backdrop, seemed thrilled to be there, and put on an exciting performance.

Followed by this, was Vance Joy. The lights went on, as did a new stage set up. He included simple but eye-catching light fixtures that included imagery related to his latest album. These turned on and off throughout the set, even changing colours.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be here tonight. This is by far the biggest show this entire tour. Thank you so much for coming out,” said Keogh.

There was a different energy about him, perhaps even some nerves- but it was great. He seemed excited, and honoured to be there. Something else admirable was the fact that he continued to tell back-stories behind most tracks, keeping the show intimate and personal regardless of the venue size. This is one of my favourite aspects of his show as he goes above and beyond to attempt to relate to people, and have them know not just the vague description of what is behind the song, but what it is ACTUALLY about.

Now, would I go again following this performance? Absolutely. Seeing one of my favourite artists progress and still be genuine to such a large audience makes me so genuinely excited for what is to come.

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