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Jain with Jah Cutta, Kimbra, and Layla Zoe at Montreal International Jazz Festival 2018

Jain gave a sensational performance on the 2nd night of two sold-out shows as part of the 39th annual Montreal International Jazz Festival.  She performed hits from her first EP, Zanaka and new singles, Star and Alright, off her forthcoming album, Souldier, coming out this fall.

Appearing in a form-fitting blue jumpsuit, Jain’s commanded the stage despite her petite frame. Her presence on the stage was accompanied by an amazingly coordinated light-show and enthralling animated-visuals. The visuals complimented each song with a range of hypnotizing patterns and mazes.

In the crowd was a diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds. Throughout the performance, the crowd reciprocated her high energy and electrifying music. From grooving to the beats and roaring cheers, Jain encouraged the crowd to dance. The crowd was on its feet and reciprocated the electrifying energy of her music from beginning to end.

The concert began with a strong start and never lost momentum. Jain’s music being a fusion of her past experiences of growing up in France, Dubai and the Congo lends to each song having its unique experience for the audience. Her vocals were great live and impressed the crowd with her range and even rapping in French. During the press interview earlier in the day, she commented on hip-hop inspiring her to create new rhythms for the forthcoming album. Jain closed out the show with her hit track, Makeba, a “homage” to Miriam Makeba who made an strong impression on Jain musically, as well being representative of a strong woman figure, who was a strong advocate against apartheid in South Africa.

Afterwards Jain humbly said, “merci beaucoup, merci beaucoup” into the microphone as the crowd went wild, yearning that the concert would not end as is expected with such an exceptional performance. 

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