Things that go into the making of an amazing concert

What do you think makes a concert memorable, obviously apart from good music and the overall performance quality? It also has a lot to do with the stage aesthetics and how all the stage moments are choreographed. There are several important elements that must be paid attention to and worked out creatively when it comes to show production. Some of the important ones among them are the atmosphere created by the lighting, effective video projections, set list sequencing, sensible stage props, encore and ending. There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes to make a concert amazing in every sense of the word. It’s important to be unique and never repeat anything that has already been done over and over again. You wouldn’t want to do that if you’re serious about delivering a show that suits your style of music. Following are some useful tips that can help you deliver an amazing concert.

Sequencing your set list

It’s important to sequence the songs you plan to include in your set list, in order to follow a dramatic arch, presenting natural ebb and flow. Rapidly interchange slower and more intense numbers. All this while build a narrative within this sequence in a manner that it creates tension and holds the audience’s attention. You must build in various surprise elements into your set list, for instance, coming off the stage, playing something unplugged, bringing well-known guest musicians, playing with varied instruments or bridging different songs together. All the greatest concerts of the last 50 years had some surprise elements in them. You should be taking the audience on a journey! There is no point playing a show if everything looks and sounds exactly the same, throughout.

Use lighting to your advantage

Atmospheric lighting can significantly improve the visual taste of your concert. It should be in line with the type of music you’re playing. Although you don’t necessarily need complicated lighting, avoid bad lighting at all costs. You must always check with the venue people about the stage lighting and see if the intensity and colour of the lights can be adjusted depending upon the songs in your set list. For instance, Vogue Theatre offers some amazing light effects that can be integrated into the performances. Lightning can transmit emotions in a very powerful manner and enhance the overall effect of your performance. Majority of the metropolitan cities have various 3D light show artists that can be hired to create the right ambience for your concert.

Use props in a manner that they support your music

Using props onstage during a music concert is something artistic that must fall in line with your music type and the emotions you’re trying to convey. For example, Screaming Jay Hawkins is known to be a pioneer in this department as it was he who brought what the vaudeville voodoo props on the rock ‘n’ roll stage, completely transforming the look and feel of rock concerts. Many other well-known artists followed, for instance, The Flaming Lips, Tom Waits and others. While anything goes in case of props, it’s important for you to ensure that the whole thing doesn’t come across as some cheap gimmick, just to grab audience’s attention.

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