Travelling in style with the Vocier C38

As a frequent flyer and someone who’s had the privilege of traveling to 47 countries on continents, you can bet that i’ve gone through many pieces of luggage. I’ve tested backpacks, computer carriers, shoulder bags, and suitcases. However, the one fundamental storage article that I must always have is the carry-on. This is especially true since I am a “light traveler”. In that, I want to be in and out of airports as soon as possible. I despise the wait for luggage to be checked-in and then waiting at the carousel. And the thought of the airlines losing my belongings (it has happened), is a total bummer to any sort of travel experience. 

Enter the Vocier C38 carry-on. It’s description says it all: “Carry-on and garment bag in one for discerning frequent travellers.” That immediately got my attention and has my name written all over it. 

As soon as I unboxed it, my initial impression of the C38 was that it looked too big to be a carry-on. The dimensions are a little different than any duffle style carry-on I’ve ever used before. However, I was really surprised and impressed that the C38s shape and size fit absolutely perfect into the the small charter flight to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

The C38 is designed with the savvy sharp traveller in mind. Especially if you’re one headed to a business meeting or a special red carpet event. The carry-on features Vociers unique Zero Crease system that prevents the wrinkling of suits or formal attire. One thing that I really appreciated on my trip was the Fast Pass zip on the top that allows me to access items I need right away like toiletries. 

The quality and build of the C38 is impeccable. And it is what makes the carry-on really standout in the crowd. The outer shell is made of a very solid black nylon with luxurious black Italian leather straps. The most important criteria I have with any piece of luggage is the roll of the wheels. I was really impressed with the smoothness and sturdiness of the bag. I had no issues dashing through the airport. 

As crazy as this sounds, travelling with the Vocier C38 makes you feel like a celebrity. It’s very stylish and will definitely turn heads. 

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