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Album Premiere: “Lessons From Losers” by F&M

From the artists:

Rebecca Anderson: “Much of Lessons From Losers was recorded live off the floor to capture a more intense sound. I love experimenting with keyboard distortion and I hope it provides a strange landscape that ties the songs together. The music is taut with emotion, suspended in fuzzy waves of slow reverberating organ. At once there is stillness and energy. I think the album art by Amy Freelend reflects some of this intensity. The images of the magpie and hare are recognizable as Edmontonian: a community we are happy to be a part of. I think these animals reflect the resiliency needed to be an artist in a fast-paced modern world — a world that values quick profit over deep thought. This album is intended to encourage a reflective spirit, but it’s not meant to teach anything really. Honestly, the title comes from the idea of admiring losers — those that risk their own happiness for something they believe even if they may have no personal gain. It’s also about embracing the small beauties of the world.”

Ryan Anderson: “Lessons From Losers was borne from long winter nights drinking red wine, listening to choice vinyl and reading Paul Auster novels. The album is meant to be thought- and conversation-provoking rather than prescriptive… but more importantly we hope it’s enjoyable. I think it’s pretty.”

Lessons From Losers is F&M’s sixth album of sumptuous baroque-pop — a  testament to resiliency and the importance of the creative process.

Rebecca Anderson contributes hauntingly pristine vocals, adventurous keys and emotional snapshots while Ryan Anderson offers soulful croons, sturdy guitar riffs and wryly astute lyrics. From the eye-opening realities of bottle depots (Quiet Nobility) to the joy and despair of the creative process (Scribbles On A Sheet) to the drawbacks of distractions (Council of Misery), F&M encourage kindred spirits to remain true to their artistry.

Lessons From Losers was co-produced by longtime collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Brian Reichert. The album, out Sept. 21, follows 2014’s At Sunset We Sing, which was shortlisted for the Edmonton Music Prize and earned a Best Alternative Album nomination at the Edmonton Music Awards. All of the band’s previous albums have appeared on Canada’s Earshot charts — including 2011’s Wish You Were Here (Shameless Records) and 2010’s Sincerely, F&M (Shameless Records), which was No.1 on the national folk charts for six weeks.

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