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Interpol with Sunflower Bean at REBEL

Photos by Katrina Lat.

Interpol took the stage of REBEL in Toronto on Sept.13, on their tour in recognition of their latest album, “Marauder.”

Four years later, the band has come back stronger than ever with their moody yet energetic new album. Their set included everything and more you’d want from an Interpol show, on a chillier night in Toronto.

They played the perfect variety of hits including “If You Really Love Nothing,” “The Rover,” “Leif Erikson,” “Rest My Chemistry,” “Obstacle 1”, and even “NYC” which they haven’t played in awhile.

The performance of “NYC” was breath-taking. Between the blue lights and the bright spotlights that shone over the crowd as he sang “It’s up to me now, turn on the bright lights”, the audience was evidently captivated.

There were a few moments throughout the show where the tempo was rushed, specifically memorable during the performance of “The Rover.” It stood out as noticeable because the song is already faster in pace in comparison to most of their other tracks, yet it was even quicker than the original recording. The song was still intense and the performance was high energy, but the tempo was off. With that being said, that one flaw is minimal compared to the bigger picture of how remarkable the show was.

I fell in love with this performance because of the highs and the lows. They transitioned between mesmerizing the audience during slower paced tracks, but also getting them energized in their more energetic sounding songs. Sometimes it can be difficult to carry an audience along through a variety of moods, but they did it ever so perfectly.

I expected the lighting to be simple, but it actually ended up being a really big part of what captured me into the performance. They played with a lot of reds, blues, greens, and whites. The colours were simple, but really paired with the songs so well, along with how they utilized the lights.

Although the band members aren’t too active on the stage, they don’t need to be. There is something about their concert where the simplicity of the production just makes it even more captivating.  

If you’re feeling a moody rock show, this is THE show for you. Check out their latest album, “Marauder,” you won’t be disappointed.

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