Lush Halloween Haul

With Halloween just around the corner, Lush has rolled out their 2018 Halloween line bringing back some fan favourites while launching some new shower scrubs that are part of their permanent line but fit the spooky bill.

The Monsters’ Ball bath bomb has made it’s return for another year. This is the one product that I make sure to stock up on every Halloween, as it smells like candy and turns the bath water this beautiful shade of indigo.


Ectoplasm made it’s debut last year in the form of a Jelly Bomb and has this refreshing citrus scent. Clearly it was a hit since this year it has returned in not only a Jelly Bomb, but a Shower Cream, and Naked Shower Cream form as well.


Returning again this year is the Bewitched Bubble Bar. The Lush bubble bars are a little of a dud for me, they never seem to make as much bubbles when compared to pouring a bit of shower cream into running water, but I can’t pass up the cute shape of this one along with the fact that it turns the water black.


Lastly in this little Lush haul we have the two new shower scrubs, Magic Crystals and Scrub Scrub Scrub. Both were launched in North America with the Halloween line, but are actually part of the permanent collection. Magic Crystals has a refreshing mint scent, and when used it leaves your body with a cooling sensation. Scrub Scrub Scrub on the other hand, smells like blackcurrant gummies and leaves your skin polished thanks to the salts and charcoal. Be sure to check out the full Halloween range here.



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