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Video Premiere : “Viridian” by Angles Jackson

From The Artist : Viridian, is a portrayal of girlhood; active, raw and unapologetic. This is the type of girlhood that we don’t usually see. It’s an adventure typically left to the boys. We know the type, we’ve see it in great films like Stand by Me, Kids and Sleeping Giant. These are bored kids with absent parents inventing things to do; often mischievous, sometimes illegal. We want to flip this archetype on its head; we want to see what girls do with the same freedom. We want to see them invent and interact. We’re bringing feminine energy to the typically male coming-of-age story, for the good and the bad.

As filmmakers, we were first drawn to Viridian because of its rich textural landscape. It says everything without a word. Book-ended with birds chirping, we feel this song speaks to the intimate and precarious position of the in-between; adulthood & childhood, school & jobs, city & suburbs. To follow a bunch of kids trying to figure it all out for themselves seems like the perfect balance of lightness on the edge. Visually, we wanted to create a world that feels raw, but with a sense of nostalgia. Something that reminds us of our youth while also staying relevant today.

Angles Jackson is The Alter-Ego and Electronic side-project of Toronto based Musician Sean Clarey. His style draws on elements of Drum and Bass, Downtempo, jazz, and Techno. Jackson’s new Music video features an all female cast, and is inspired by his own coming of age in Toronto’s east end. Featuring a Flute solo by Stuart Brignell, and an atmospheric and deep bass focused groove, Viridian is future music for Toronto night-life.

Hear Angles Jackson February 8th at Luanda House, with JC3, ART The Band, Chantal Rose, and live painting / Exhibits from Lucas Mcneely and Shaelyn Recolett.

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