The Top Five Top Food Trends for 2019

2018 was a good year for South American cuisine from Brazil and Mexico. Other food trends such as Kombucha are becoming the new cider and more micro-seasonal foods being on the menu.  It doesn’t matter what cuisine is your favorite – be it Chinese, Indian, American or even Sushi – we are sure you will come across some food trend you will fall in love with. 

The Top Food Trends of 2019 You Cannot Miss Out On

Here is a look at 2019 food trends that are bound to capture you before the year ends.  

#1. In will be the new out. 

Why do people like eating out when there is plenty of reason to stay at home? In 2018 studies showed that more than 82% of the food is prepared at home yet half the people eat out. 

However, this trend is about to change which can be attributed to high food prices, tight finances, wages, and restaurant bills. Moreover, many millennials are not afraid to cook plus there are a variety of meal kits that are available in the market. You can easily access processed foods and quality packaged meals which you can buy at the supermarkets. 

#2. Eco-friendly practices.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a growing number of food companies who are going green. For instance, last year there a were some companies who opted to do away with straws and instead use eco-friendly materials. If you look around the food industry as per now, most materials which are being used by environmentally conscious brands are recyclable cardboards and biodegradable corn starch. Even vegetarian dishes can taste yummy!

Countries are also picking up eco-friendly practices such as asking shoppers to carry their shopping bags and banning plastic packaging bags. 

#3. Marijuana becomes more mainstream.

Some countries have already legalized marijuana in their countries such as Canada and Uruguay. The more cannabis becomes legal the high chances consumer shift from beers to soda to marijuana drinks. 

Mainstreaming of cannabis will be found mostly in bars where you will discover mixologists creating CBD cocktails and other restaurants crafting CBD meals. Millennials are likely to be the first to adapt to this new trend and then closely followed by vegans.

#4. Seafood.

This year the ocean will be our inspiration so say bye to all those potatoes and tuber plants. Studies show that marine products will accompany more food. However, this trend already picked up in Asian countries a long time ago so you can imagine how behind we are right now. However, it is sure going to keep your taste buds alive. Some marine ingredients that might find their way on your table include water lily seeds and sea Fennels.  

#5.  More automotive. 

Prepare yourself for more bots to make your food, take your order and deliver your meals.  It won’t be the normal AI-powered that you are used to right now. The new generation of technology is going to take the food industry to the next level.

Which of these is your favorite?