Lush 30 Years of Bath Bombs + Spring Haul

In honor of the 30th Anniversary of their signature bath bomb formula, Lush has released a massive collection of 54 bath bombs which are available online from now until August. The collection features new bath bombs that first appeared in their exclusive Harajuku Bath Bomb only store in Japan as well as a couple old favourites. In addition to the anniversary collection, Lush has also released their new Spring 2019 line. As you could imagine as someone who loves bath bombs I was in absolute heaven when all of this launched, although my wallet wasn’t as happy with the amount of bath bombs being ordered.

Since the launch was so big and most Lush stores don’t have the space for 54 new bath bombs, each store will be rotating their selection from the collection and you can also search their website to find out which store has the bath bombs you’re looking for in stock when you select it.
First up we have Sushi. To be honest I was a little disappointed when this arrived, the scent is very subtle, but it also might be because the other things I picked up ended up being very strong and over powering. I’ll give it a few days to sit out on it’s own to see if it’ll change my mind. I honestly just picked this one up because I thought it was cute. The “salmon” center is a piece of Fun, which I thought was a nice touch.
The Kappa bath bomb had me at it’s cute little face, but honestly the scent is very strong and smells like fresh coconut. I’d recommend checking this one out in store before buying it, my whole house smelt like this bomb for days and that was even with it kept in an upstairs washroom.
Magic was originally released in 2008 as part of Lush’s Christmas line, but didn’t become an annual release. I’ve always wanted to try this one out after I first saw photos of it’s bath art since it turns the water a beautiful turquoise then morphs into a deep blue thanks to it’s vivid pink center. Unfortunately I’m not the biggest fan on the smell of this one. It’s really earthy and floral; apparently has peppermint in it but I couldn’t pick up on that. I was drawn to Moon Spell because of it’s colours and it reminded me of cotton candy. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by it’s citrus-y scent. I also really loved the attention to detail with this bomb. I wasn’t expecting it to come apart and thought the moon shaped center was really pretty.
I tried looking it up but the website didn’t specify if Black Rose was Rose Jam scented. To me this bomb smells exactly like Rose Jam shower gel, and it creates a beautiful black and pink bath art when it hits the water. I actually wasn’t anticipating to get Groovy Kind Of Love. I was drawn in by the colours of this bomb, but when I saw demos of it online the bath art was lackluster. The ones I’ve seen seemed to have fizzled out without much colour pay off, but boy did my mind change once I found this in store. Curiosity got the best of me when I found it in store. The scent was very refreshing and reminded me of candy that I used to eat as a kid.
Another surprise for me was Chocomint. Based off colour alone, this wouldn’t have been a bath bomb that I would have normally purchased, but I really enjoyed the scent of it. It reminded me of Intergalatic but had more of a punch to it. Super refreshing.
 The Comforter is one of my all time favourite Lush scents. It’s smells like blackcurrant candy, and it’s to die for. I was so sad when they discontinued the bubble bar, but I’m so happy they brought it back for a limited time in a new form. I’ll probably end up placing another order to get more of these before they are gone.

Now that I’ve got the anniversary collection out of the way, time for some of the Spring 2019 line. This year Lush has seem to have gone full pastel which I’m absolutely loving compared to their usual warm toned products for Easter, and we even got a new product : Fun Eggs!

After seeing the Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus Fun Eggs online, I knew I had to order a couple of them. These are technically good for 3 baths, but I prefer using them as one luxurious one. What makes these bath bombs different than your usual ones is the fact that they come with a piece of fun shaped as a dinosaur inside of it. Fun can be used to create a bubble bath or you can use it directly on your skin as soap. I thought these were a cute addition to the Easter line and they smelled really fruity, which I enjoyed.
If you were a fan of Lush back around 2007 you may remember a bath bomb called Supernova. It was one of my favourites, and although Rose Butterfly is supposed to be Lemon and Rose scented, it vaguely reminds me of that.
Bomb Bombs seem to be a new reoccurring thing for Lush, and the Lamb one is the first one that I’ve been contemplating getting some extras of. It has a very faint peppermint scent but also smells very sweet and milky if that makes sense. It’s really pleasant and unique, I don’t think I’ve smelt anything like it before. The last thing in this haul is the More Tea and Sympathy bath bomb. Upon taking it out of it’s bag, I was instantly hit with a lemon tea scent. I’m really excited to toss this one in my tub, it’s really refreshing and I have a feeling that it will be a great pick-me-up on a gloomy day.




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