Lush Review : Stegosaurus Fun Egg

This year Lush launched a new product in their Easter Collection called Fun Eggs. Each egg is two bath bombs and inside is a piece of FUN. For those not familiar, Fun is Lush’s version of playdoh that can be used as bubble bath or straight up soap after you’re done playing with it. The collection contained two eggs that were mint scented ( Bunny & Chick ) and two eggs that were fruity ( Stegosaurus & Brontosaurus ).

The bath bomb portion of this product was strawberry and peach scented while the Stegosaurus shaped fun had a creamy fruit scent that made me think of a less intense Starburst. I really enjoyed the colour of the bath art that this egg created, although I did find both halves to fizzle out pretty quick and probably wouldn’t have ended up with as much bath art had I not put in some bubble bath before hand. The final water colour was a beautiful shade of periwinkle.

With that said, I hope Lush brings these back next year. Clearly people of all ages was excited for these as they sold out really fast online and none of the stores around me seemed to be able to keep them in stock.  I wasn’t even able to pick mine up in the first launch and had to wait until I got a notification for a re-stock, but it was definitely worth it.

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