As a triathlete, I’m used to training with power on the bike, and heart rate on the run. I recently just switched over to power on the run for an upcoming fall marathon. I enjoy looking at these metrics, analyzing the data, and seeing improvements over time. This is accomplished with a power meter on my Trek bike with a Wahoo head unit computer and my Apple Watch on my wrist for the run along with a Stryd foodpod. The important factor is not that I can look over this data post workout, but that I can see where I’m at during the session in real-time. This cannot be said for my swimming. While I use my smart watch to track my pace, heart rate, and distance in the pool, it is all after the fact, and not in the moment like the bike and run. 

Enter the FORM swim goggles. This is something myself, and thousands of other triathletes, and swimmers have been longing for. FORM has solved this vacant spot in our training kit arsenal. 

FORM is a fantastic company as its founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt himself was a competitive swimmer for over a decade, and is also an engineer. The cross-road of skills and interest lead to the production of these groundbreaking goggles. 

What’s so special? The most significant feature of these goggles is that metrics such as pace, laps, distance, and more can be viewed in real-time within the product while swimming. No need to stop and check your watch or look at the clock. This is done by a unique smart-display built directly in the goggles. 

They are aesthetically pleasing as well. It looks pretty much like normal goggles and not bulky. The product is made of high quality materials and lenses and fit very comfortably as they come with difference nose pieces to fit every face. 

Setting up the FORM is easy and simple. Once you unbox it, you must download the free FORM app on iOS or Android. Then pair your unit to the device and create an account. And you’re good to go for a swim. There are two buttons on the product, the front powers on. 

Accuracy is surprisingly accurate and consistent from my testing. I was really impressed how quickly I got used to seeing my pace through the lens. It’s a pretty magical experience. I can finally know my exact pace without guessing. The company has worked closely with professional swimmers and coaches to create a product that they would use. 

FORM goggles has Bluetooth, so the opportunities are plenty for future integration with other devices and applications. Currently, you can sync your workouts to Strava, Training Peaks, and Garmin Connect. I’m sure more apps will be supported in the near future. 

I’d love to see the ability to pair a heart rate chest strap with the FORM goggles to see my BPM, and from this can they possibly calculate other metrics such as calories burned. Support for Apple Health, so that you can fill your Activity rings will be coming this fall. 

After using the FORM goggles for a few sessions, I am hooked. I can safely say that I will be definitely using them in all of my swim workouts leading into my next triathlon season. They are what my bike computer is for my cycling, smart watch for my running. Smart goggles are here and ready for data driven athletes like myself. 

The revolutionary FORM swim goggles is available August 7, 2019 for $199 USD. 

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