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Video Premiere : “Outstanding” by TEROUZ

From The Artist : My first single is an ode to my journey. It documents a major growth spurt. Of self-acceptance, letting go, going for it, forgiveness, and deep love. My life experience steeped in loss, pain, romance, fierce reality checks, all of which lead to wisdom, strength, love and a deep appreciation for consistent groove. This single documents the cycle. I almost pulled the plug on it all last year, the loss of my father, a break-up and my band project The Rising Few hitting a wall.
I stopped everything and took care of myself, I stuck to my extensive crossfit workout regiments and focused on getting clear and in no time…a new groovy, electro sound started to fester in my brain in the form of a catchy bass line.
Outstanding was born. An empowering Rocky-esque anthem that very much speaks to the excitement and surge of energy that I feel about being back!

TEROUZ is the guise of Cairo born Illustrator/singer songwriter Karim Terouz, who moved to Montreal in 2008.

Before transforming his band into an electro-rock act, Karim fronted and managed his award winning, brassy, folk/rock quintet ’’The Rising Few’’.He released his first album Sinners On St-Laurent in 2014 followed by his second ‘’Adult Entertainment’’ in 2017.

In 2018, Karim re-invents his music by incorporating dancehall beats and synths into his 80s/90s alternative roots.Terouz started playfully utilising his signature ‘’Bowie-esque’’ vocals over muscular bass lines and drum hall beats with 80s/90s nostalgia to re-emerge as a refreshingly unique variation of hypnotic, Alternativ-Noir.

The vocal swagger in the frontman’s first single ‘’Outstanding’’ is complemented by muscular, groovy bass lines and nostalgic, Knofler-like guitar fills and coloring played by guitarist/bassist Andre Galamba.

’’It’s like Cohen on a treadmill !’’ Describes the Egyptian/Canadian frontman.

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