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Song Premiere : “Where Love Will Grow” by Keith Mosfet

From The Artist : When writing the music I was listening to a lot of 60’s British rock and early 70s punk. But during the recording process a friend sent me some arabic pop music. I found it inspiring and tried to pull a bit of a George Harrison for the unique intro riff sound. The lyrics in the song are about searching for love, I pulled a lot of inspiration from nature and my life. Just the confusion of navigating relationships, planting seeds with people and maybe one day they grow into something? Who knows?

The video was recorded with a home made green screen in my apartment/studio. We hung dollar store green paper on my walls. I worked with my friend Maria Romana from Mexico, she can also be found on instagram by black_hon. We met years ago while traveling with Couch Surfing and have been friends since. I knew she was into animation so I asked if she would be on board to do it! I feel the video is very 90’s inspired, saved by the bell, rugrats, YTV. Maria’s animation ideas were fun and charming; she really took it to the next level with the Corgi. The video almost died half through the process when Maria nearly died. She lives in the city Guadalajara Mexico and there was a freak storm that flooded the city, her office was destroyed and she was hospitalized for weeks from food poisoning. But man, she really pulled it off. 10/10 would recommend her for future projects.

More about Keith Mosfet : “I grew up in the Brantford & Hamilton area playing in punk bands and 60’s – esque music. I’m currently livin’ my best life in Toronto. Mosfet isn’t really my last name, its close though. It stands for metal oxide silicon field effect transistor. I studied electronic engineering and this was my nickname in school. I love traveling, sarcasm, and trying to figure out life.”

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