Concert Reviews

Madeon at the Danforth Music Hall

Photos by Katrina Lat

French producer Maedon returned to Toronto this past Sunday for his “Good Faith Live” tour in support of the new album bearing the same name. Playing in front of a massive LED screen between dueling keyboard stands and intense stage lights illuminating himself and the crowd, the onslaught of light was something to behold. The show was a mix of songs off the new album as well as older material, which blended interestingly well. The crowd was treated to impressive technicolour visuals on the screen, which at times seemed ominous and overpowering yet contrasted well with the upbeat electronic blend of sounds. Maedon himself truly seemed to be enjoying himself on stage, engaging with the ecstatic crowd through singing and becoming physically engrossed with each song. There was a sense of sheer joy and happiness brought to the night that was felt by all, and those present went off into the night feeling like they had witnessed something special.