Films that Gamers Will Love

Can you pick other gamers out in a crowd? Although one of the wonderful things about the gaming community is how diverse and surprising it is, there are undoubtedly some fundamental characteristics that unite people who love to play. Regardless of where you find yourself situated in this big, happy family – whether you just took advantage of the sweetest netent no deposit bonus, or discovered a wicked new narrative video game – chances are that you’re passionate about your hobby and enjoy connecting with others who share this fervor. That is why it can be so rewarding to see the things you love about online gaming reflected back in other forms of art, culture, and media. Let’s take a look at a few films that gamers are sure to love. 

Resident Evil 

The first in what has gone on to become one of the most fruitful, if exhausted, film franchises in history – the primary installment of the series is beloved for many reasons. For enthusiasts of mystery, zombies, and epic battle scenes alike, this film has a lot to offer as the protagonist Alice and her team of commandos advance their way through the underground research facility of a giant corporation. The notion of employees being manipulated by their corporate overlords and turned into zombies is more relevant than ever before, so it is certainly rewarding to watch Alice and the team fight back. 

Casino Royale 

A classic action film that unfolds as an unmistakable love letter to all things casino, this is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the sleek veneer of the high stakes world. Providing an inside look into how the world’s wealthiest risk-takers operate, this film is big on atmosphere and has been providing fodder for the online casino community since it was released. 

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World 

Now for something very different, it is indeed true that this quirky gem of a film is not right for everyone – but in a love it or hate it scenario, there are many adamant fans of this gamer-world darling. If you ever look at life like a video game, in which you must advance through levels and beat various challenges to arrive at your goal or prize, you’ll likely find plenty to relate to here. As we venture into a world where the lines between gameplay and real-life are increasingly blurry, this witty and relatable film might have even more to offer than initially meets the eye. 


Tend to opt for something a bit more obscure when selecting a flick for movie night? Cube is a cult classic that will give you some serious street cred in sci-fi circles. This genre-defining thriller quickly takes a dark turn when a group of strangers awake to find themselves trapped inside a series of connected cube-shaped rooms. As the dangers reveal themselves, any proficient multi-player gamer will pick up on the cast realizing that they’re going to have to work together if they want to make it out alive.