Luxury Brands: The History Of James Bond Watches

Are you a fan of the James Bond movies? By now you must have noticed the wide variety of brands that feature in the films. From Aston Martin to Tom Ford, 007 has used many luxurious brands for his cars and his fashion. In his movies, James Bond wears the finest suits, drives the fastest vehicles, and straps on some of the most iconic watches. There are many mens luxury watches exhibited in James Bond films, some expertly explored in this guide to James Bond watches by Watch Centre. 

With their intricate detail and lavish extravagance, it’s surprising that bond hasn’t lost some of them during his missions. With the recent news that No Time To Die is delayed again, fans will just have to wait to see which luxury brands he will be sporting in the new film. He has worn many luxurious watch brands over the years, but Omega and Rolex are some of the most popular. 

Rolex Submariner

Rolex is a highly influential, luxury watch brand that has been operating since the early 1900s. One of their most iconic models, one also worn by 007, is the Rolex Submariner. The Submariner has luminescent hour markers, rotatable bezels, ceramic inserts, and is also water-resistant up to 300 meters. Everyone, even those who are not watch-enthusiasts, knows that a Rolex is a great watch to own. A symbol of prestige, success, and quality, the Rolex has appeared in some of the best and worst James Bond movies. The Submariner model was the exquisite wrist watch worn by Sean Connery in early 007 films such as Dr. No (1962), From Russia with Love (1963), and Goldfinger (1964).

Rolex GMT Master

While the actor is not considered a part of the main series, another 007 who wore an iconic Rolex watch was David Niven. The GMT Master was worn by David Niven in Casino Royale (1967) and among all the Rolex brands this is one of the most colorful ones. As well as James Bond, the model has also featured in other professions around the world as it has been worn by pilots, celebrities, and astronauts. The watch has undergone several updates and modernisations but still holds its classic elegant look. With a 24-hour rotatable bezel and an oyster steel bracelet, the watch has a stylish versatile look. 

Seiko 0674 LC

This is a digital watch that came into being in the 1970s and it was first seen in the film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Worn by Roger Moore, who played James Bond in the film, the same watch model was used from the first to the last scene of the film. The actor also wore a stylish Seiko G757 Sports 100 in the film Octopussy (1983). The vintage digital watch has a stainless steel case and displays both the day and date, thus convenient for most people including 007.

Omega Seamaster Professional

Rivaling Rolex, another popular luxury watch brand that has appeared in many James Bond films is Omega. This luxury watch craftsmanship was first seen in the 007 franchise in the film Goldeneye (1995). In the film, it complements Pierce Brosnan’s sharp looks and sleek appearance. Obviously not used in real life models, 007’s special watch was a useful gadget to him as it included an impressive laser in the bezel and a built-in detonator. Different models of the Seamaster feature in 007 films over the years, with Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig sporting various Omega timepieces.

Omega Seamaster

In the film Spectre (2015), the Omega Seamaster Co-Axial 8400N Calibre was worn by Daniel Craig to enhance his look and functionality as James Bond in the film. He also wears an Aqua Terra watch with a black dial at the beginning of the film. Apart from this scene, he wears the Omega Seamaster throughout the film. The watch was released on a limited edition just as precisely as it appears in the film. It comes with a 12-hour scale, stainless steel case, and a black ceramic bezel ring.