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Song Premiere : “Aditi” – Andrew North & the Rangers

Andrew North and the Rangers are back in action today with their new, highly anticipated single “Aditi,” which will entice your ears with every listen. The group is made up of small-town friends who were brought together by an adventurous approach to music. The quartet span different ages, hometowns, and musical backgrounds, but they hit it off quickly at local open-mic nights. They draw from the technical fireworks of classic rock, the spontaneity of jazz, the fun of the jam scene, and even the intricate passages of classical composition.

“Aditi” gives a whimsical sneak peak to their upcoming album Phosphorescent Snack. The New Hampshire indie band took inspiration from the fantastical imagination of lead singer Andrew North’s child. “Aditi” was conceptualized from North and his then two-year-old son imagining taking a boat to ‘Aditi”, and the bouncy instrumental reflects this make-believe buoyancy.

The band encompasses several aspects of genres like rock and jazz and the song mirrors the fun, high-spirited atmosphere of the jam scene. Filled with a groovy instrumental and storybook-like lyrics, “Aditi” takes a journey in both a world of imagination and of realism. While the band jams to a vibrant score for this made-up world, the lyrics also work to envision the voyage of parenthood North is finding the words (and the musicality) to express.

The track opens with a kaleidoscope of synth-like sounds, and then explodes into a thunderous track from the band that includes prominent vocals and keys from Andrew North, fantastic brass from Rob O’Brien, upbeat percussion from Dale Grant, and jammin’ bass from Chip Spangler. “Aditi” gives a first look at the more fun that is to come from the visionary work of Andrew North and the Rangers.

A few words from Andrew North about “Aditi” : “I’m so excited to share this first track off our new album (Phosphorescent Snack, coming 7/30). This song becomes a band staple quickly, and it’s pretty personal for me. I love being a dad and just getting to be goofy. My son and I were talking about being on a boat to ‘Aditi’ and just going back and forth with nonsense. The lyrics really started to come together when I started connecting the brilliance of this tiny kid with my own feelings of insecurity as a father. Sometimes I feel like he’s already so perfect, what can I possibly teach him that he doesn’t already have?”

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