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Song Premiere : “Arise” by Eric Selby

Alongside his upcoming full-length album Where You Born At?, Eric Selby releases his latest single “Arise,” both out today. This single brings in a touch of psychedelic effects within the Alternative Rock genre. By doing so, Eric introduces two different production styles that release a deeper level of emotion within the artist. Eric’s passionate guitar riffs along with the fast paced instrumentation creates this sense of urgency within the listener. The lyrics suggest that time will go on, but it should not stop people from going after their goals and rising from the ashes of their failures.
Eric Selby has dedicated many years to music production and musician, but has recently decided to own the spotlight and become an independent artist. Father of four, Eric dedicates any spare time he has to his music and attempts to connect with his fans on all of his social media platforms. He remains active in the live music scene and works hard to release singles for his fanbase anticipating his creative work. Eric has garnered a lot of recognition for his previous work, including placements on the Top 50 charts for the Roots Music Report and becoming a finalist for the WAMMIE AWARDS.
Leaning into the basic structure and flow of Alt-Rock, Eric pulls from some major artists’ musicality in this single. His voice flows very much like Kurt Cobain from Nirvana. The tinge of psychedelic adds to the hard rock feel although not as fast-paced or hard rock. Eric implements similar vocal effects to that of Kurt Cobain, which allows his fans to feel a sense of nostalgia when listening to his music. Eric also uses sound effects such as the clock ticking to add dimension to his music, similar to what the Beatles did during their experimental phase. In terms of production, Eric seems to fit right into the alt genre as his production sounds like Cage the Elephant, whose music is very big in the alt rock scene.
Eric’s dedication to his music career is evident as he balances his musical life with his personal life in a way that allows him to feel like he has succeeded in both. Where You Born At? is surely worth the wait.

More from Eric Selby about ‘Arise’ : With the lyrics to “ARISE,” I was thinking about the internal struggle someone who is battling addiction must face each day. Thankfully, I have never had this struggle, but I certainly know those who have, and thought about the internal conversations they must have between the addiction (darkness) and the true self (light). I say “Arise” and “Ascend” …but, to what: Is it being high, death or sobriety? That is for each listener to determine on their own. I also sing or say “Tick-Toc” nine times in this song. I’m not talking about the social app but maybe that would work too for addiction (lol). “Tic-Toc” in this song, represents time ticking down…but, again, to what? Is it to getting high again, until death or to your first day of sobriety? That, too, is absolutely for the listener to determine. Heck, I don’t even know the answer to those questions, and I don’t think I am supposed to exactly know.

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