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Video Premiere : ’Little Lies’ and ‘Thinking Slow’ by Sam and the Sea

New York-based Sam and the Sea comes alive today with the new double A Side Single “Little Lies” and “Thinking Slow.” Filled with stunning instrumentation which is backed by acoustic sounds and hard-hitting beats, the two tracks compliment each other as they create a playful listening experience. Blending an array of organic and electronic instruments, Sam and the Sea creates a bold vision that will have you coming back for more each time.

“Thinking Slow,” brings a darker and sonically alluring sound to the table, as the accompanying video breathes a different life into the release. Echoing voices and subtle handclaps weave throughout the track which makes it standout from the very beginning.

“Little Lies,” further explores Sam and the Sea’s intricate songwriting as it fills the air with a vibrant soundscape that acts as the perfect companion piece. The heavenly instrumentation paves the way for Sam and the Sea’s dreamy vocal work that further shows his range as not only a performer, but a songwriter as well.

The songs share a similar structure, both starting with a bare guitar pizzicato and vocals, before building up to a catchy groove and more layered instrumentation, almost as if to gently transport the listener to the full flow of the tracks.

Sam and the Sea is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and visual artist. The childhood love-at-first-sight affair with the guitar was only the beginning of their polymath musical education, which eventually extended to drums, bass, piano, percussions, and of course vocals, until inevitably music became inextricably linked with existing. Their songs are immediately personal and dreamlike, arranged with a DIY mix of real and electronic instruments, with a unique breathing vibe and intimacy reminiscent of Elliot Smith’s finest moments.

Having beefed up their musical chops in the NY city through gigging and acclaimed producing duties for the likes of Siv Disa, Sam and the Sea eventually released their debut single and accompanying video ‘The Light’ in March 2020 to good international press coverage. While promotional plans were scuppered by the ongoing pandemic, Sam and the Sea pursued continued to write, record and produce – although the two tracks forming this release were borne out of very unique circumstances, only adding to the intimate listening experience.

“Little Lies” and “Thinking Slow” were written and produced by Sam and the Sea, and mastered by xxx at xxxx.

More from Sam and the Sea about ’Little Lies’ and ‘Thinking Slow’ : ’Little Lies’ and ‘Thinking Slow’ were both written in the same night when I was stranded in the woods in winter in rural Canada. I had driven across the border to see friends and do some work, and I brought all this gear with me–my car was packed full. I remember the border guard asked me so many questions, wondering what I was doing coming into Canada with so much stuff. The car broke down when I finally got to the cabin in Lachute, so I was stuck alone there with my gear for a few days while it got fixed. I had intended to do some finishing work on another piece, but I was stuck with nothing to do and I also wrote these two songs. Vocals for both were recorded that night, and additional parts were completed in upstate NY over the course of the next year.’

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