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Song Premiere : “Girl You Changed” – Kick and the Hug

If you’re looking for a band that uses music to bring people together, you’ve come to the right place. The up and coming band Kick and the Hug was formed to make an experience for live audiences in Boulder, CO. Unfortunately, when you create a group solely for live performances just before a pandemic, plans have to pivot. While they are now scattered all over the United States, that didn’t stop them from creating music. In fact, it only made them better than before. They say “We’re really into this whole ‘direct relationship with the audience’ thing.” and now that things are opening up, they plan on making a huge entrance in the live music scene doing what they initially set out to do, and I promise, you’re not going to want to miss it.

Their new single, “Girl You Changed” grabs you immediately with a folksy and country instrumentation with an overall pop melody and style. Their unique sound is reminiscent of Band of Horses with a slight hint of Barenaked Ladies and Green Day. “Girl You Changed” is a story about a fan that sees her favorite band, even after years of being dormant. It’s about how the band feels seeing her at their shows and how she feels seeing them. It’s about the experiences on both sides of the stage accomplished by the use of repetition in lyrics and melody.

While this song can be about a fictional fan, it’s also about their experience, from fans to having fans. They explain it like this: “Girl You Changed” is about a fan that appears “from the past” to support her favorite band, us…who literally have not released a song in 25 years, coupled with the excitement of seeing one of our favorite bands (like Wilco, Band of Horses or Local Natives) play a live show in a small club. Only this time WE’RE on stage. Its Kick and the Hug. It’s our fantasy about returning, triumphantly to blow the room away with our guitars and harmonies. “Its good to see you in the crowd again.”

What makes “Girl You Changed” so amazing is the intimacy of the band and their audience. This song is so personal and so special to Kick and the Hug. You can hear that this song means a lot to them. Not many musicians can allow the audience a glimpse into their souls, but Kick and the Hug is able to show their passion for what they do. If the song can move us just by hearing it, imagine what Kick and the Hug can muster in a live setting. Kick and the Hug will be the best live band anyone will see.

From The Artist : “Girl You Changed” is the first music that came out of the speakers the first time Kick and the Hug were in a room playing together as a band. We literally plugged in, turned on the amps, and out it came. So it’s fitting that it’s the first song we’re really pushing into the world.

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