Lush’s Online Exclusive Bubble Bars Finally Make Their Way into Stores

For the last 3 years or so, Lush has offered a pretty big selection of Online Exclusive Bubble Bars on their website. Not being able to smell the products before hand has always been too big of a risk for me as sometimes I’d end up with a whole order I didn’t like and the return process is a hassle. With malls opening up in Ontario again, I found myself at Lush a couple of days ago and was ecstatic when I saw that all of the online exclusive Bubble Bars had finally made their way into the retail stores!

Being able to check out the new Bubble Bars in person worked out in my favour as a lot of the ones I was eyeing ended up being too earthy and floral for me. But in the end I still was able to grab some new ones and replenish my stock on some old favourites. ( If you’re interested in checking out the full range of Bubble Bars available now, you can see them here )

Castle In The Clouds

This bubble bar contains calamine powder, which is good for sensitive skin and is supposed to be a similar scent to the beloved Strawberry Santa Shower Jelly. I found the scent to be more on the floral side compared to sweet and fruity, but it was still pleasant. The bath water from this was also a nice surprise as it was a beautiful pale lavender.


Raspberry Blower

Minus the fact that the shape kinda reminds me of a butthole, I think I’ve found my new favourite year-round bubble bar! Raspberry Blower has a sweet raspberry scent, which reminds me of the Conga Shower Jelly and honestly, I really wish they’d make more products with this scent; it’s to die for. Also since this is a bubble bar on a stick, I find the formula on these to last me about 5-6 baths instead of the general 2-3 of the normal ones.


If you’re a fan of Intergalactic, this bubble bar is a must try! It reminds me of wintergreen mints + spearmint. My bath felt so luxurious when I used this with an Intergalactic bath bomb, and it left my skin feeling silky smooth. I also found this formula to be pretty solid and I got a lot of bubbles without much wear and tear to the bar, so I feel like this one will last for a while compared to the more crumbly ones.

Bubble Bubble Toil And Trouble

This bar isn’t new to me, it just happens to be one of my favourites. It has a refreshing citrus scent with lime being the stand out fruit. Oh, and did I mention that it glows in the dark?!




As mentioned before in previous Lush Hauls, this is my go to bath bomb. It’s minty and fresh, plus it creates the most beautiful bath art. The bomb lets off streaks of pink, yellow, teal, and blue; then leaves the water a deep blue with gold glitter. It’s absolutely stunning.

Katrina Wong Shue

Kat is a Content & Social Media Editor at Live in Limbo. She enjoys photographing concerts, travelling to see her favourite bands, and testing out the latest cosmetics. You can follow her adventures over on Instagram: @thewanderingkatx || @k.wsphotography

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