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Video Premiere : “Take It Away” – Zack King

The emerging young talent that is Zack King just released the video for his hit song “Take it Away.” The upbeat pop song is nothing less than infectious. His raspy voice and catchy melody take control over the listener and they lose all sense; the listener is at the will of the song.

The video opens with Zack walking up to the set to perform with his guitar. He jumps right in with the music and we see montages of couples projected behind him. When he sings the chorus, “take it away,” we cut to Zack in a bed. He’s in pain and feeling all the emotions you get in a break up. He depicts perfectly what that feeling is like. By inviting us into that space, the viewer is feeling it too.

A Minnesota native and a talented artist, Zack has been professionally invested in music since graduating college, where he found it gave him a sense of solace and content. He’s a kind soul who wants to be able to use his music for the good, saying “I want to be remembered as a caring, outgoing person who treated everyone equally, as someone who can make others feel uplifted through my music. If I can do that, I’ll know I’ve fulfilled my purpose.”

Recently working with Matt Grosso at Cloverleaf Audio-Visual, Zack returns in 2021 to delight his audience with another alluring release, a five-track EP that promises to strike admirers of his first album with the same poignant lyrics and nostalgic melodies that originally won them over. At the same time, the EP achieves an elevated sound, offering an engaging experience that is sure to enthrall the hearts of new listeners and transform them into lifelong fans. Although his latest songs share themes with those he addressed in his debut album, they also demonstrate the tremendous growth that King has experienced over the past year and see the singer-songwriter letting go of the past in order to look toward the exhilarating promise of the future while exploring exciting moments in life and love.

You won’t want to miss the video for “Take it Away.” It’s a moving song and the visuals only add another layer to the story he’s telling. He wants you to feel the song. You can watch the video here and you can find the song on Spotify. You don’t want to sleep on Zack King. We can’t wait to see what he does next.


From the Artist : “It’s hard to smile when you’re missing someone you can’t live without. Seeing other couples in public only makes it hurt more. Everywhere I look, I see her. Everytime I close my eyes I’m replaying those memories we made. Will someone take it away? Every night I lie awake thinking about her and what we used to have. Tossing and turning in my sleep… She’s the only thing on my mind. What do I have to do to get these memories out of my head? Someone please take it away.

Bridge – I wish she would take me back. Someone that meant so much to me, and I can’t live without. Everything reminds me of her, and I can’t get her out of my head. How am I supposed to move on if I can’t stop thinking about her? The only nights that I’m having now are spent lying awake, tossing and turning, and thinking of her. What do I need to do to move on and forget about her? Can someone take it all away?”

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