98: Giulio Prisco

For the 98th episode of NEOHUMAN, Agah is chatting with the returning guest, Giulio Prisco (@giulioprisco). Giulio is an Italian information technology and virtual reality consultant, as well as a writer, futurist, and Transhumanist. Formerly a senior manager in the European Space Agency, Prisco is a physicist and computer scientist. He served as a member on the board of directors of World Transhumanist Association, of which he was temporarily executive director, and continues to serve as a member on the board of directors of the Associazione Italiana Transumanisti. He is also a founding member of the Order of Cosmic Engineers, and the Turing Church, fledgling organizations which claim that the benefits of a technological singularity, which would come from accelerating change, should or would be viable alternatives to the promises of major religious groups.


Giulio Prisco:

Futurist Spaceflight Meditations:

Tales of the Turing Church: Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology:

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