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Album Premiere : “Turn the Music Up Loud” – Chris Pastore

Singer/songwriter Chris Pastore finally released his new album, Turn the Music Up Loud, his first solo album in over a decade. Since his last album, he’s been creating music under other bands and groups helping them to create their sound. Now, he’s come together with some of his talented friends to do the same, only this time, they follow his sound.

The long anticipated album has 12 songs, each song with varying genres and styles. The overall sound is like that of Tedeschi and Trucks Band meets The Beatles with a hint of jazz and funk thrown in with songs like “Give A Little Bit” and “The Way We Met.”

Chris has been writing, performing and recording for 25 years in various groups in the northeast. He has studied blues and jazz with some great teachers and hit the Baltimore scene right out of college fronting and touring with the group Fat Apple in the late 90’s which gave him the chance to meet many amazing musicians along the way. Turn the Music Up Loud is a compilation of unrecorded older songs and many new ones. This release features some of the best players and friends that he has have ever had the opportunity to share the stage with. Crafted and recorded at the renowned Wrightway Studios under the care and guidance of Steve Wright, this album has far surpassed all of his expectations and invigorated his passion for songwriting and performance.

Not only is the music multidimensional and diverse, so are the lyrics and meaning of each song. We get something like love songs in “I Do (Forever Want To Be With You)” and “Show Me Love” to songs about coping with hard times in “It All Makes Sense,” about his parents divorce, and “Seasons,” about all the emotions we had during a never-ending Pandemic.

Chris shares his thoughts on one of his songs, saying, “lyrics from the song ‘Here’s to Better Days’ captures the inspiration behind the new album. The songs are always there, I just needed a moment to bring them out.”

Each song is special and fun in their own way. Chris Pastore is a talented musician who knows his way around a guitar and his writing is simple, yet poignant and moving. Listen to Turn the Music Up Loud when you can, as it’s a passionate album. When you hear it, you’ll be able to hear and feel Chris’s joy and love for his work.

From The Artist : For me songwriting is a constant, a daily routine, interactions, daydreams, struggles and jubilation, love, fate and sometimes just a good hook and a solid groove. Some take years to cultivate, and others appear in minutes. The words and music can intertwine so simply like pieces of a puzzle when finished, stories like littles voyages, then subject to the listeners interpretations and mood. The much awaited full album release “Turn the Music Up Loud” features 12 songs of varied styles including rock, country, groove and folk showcasing some of the best players and friends that I have ever had the opportunity to share the stage with.

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