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Song Premiere : “Phantom Lover” – A Short Walk To Pluto

Toronto-born foursome A Short Walk To Pluto pride themselves on their ability to connect with listeners through a potent combination of eclectic progressive rock stylings and uncompromising songwriting.

As the band’s heaviest track yet, “Phantom Lover” jolts you into an excited fury with lyrics that invoke a sexy and smokey atmosphere full of 20-somethings looking for some action.

The initial inception of the song came from an interaction between Max, the guitarist, and Jake. Jake had told Max that the band needed to write a more upbeat and harder rock song. Immediately Max pumped out the main guitar riff. From there it wasn’t so easy. The song took over 3 years to write as nobody in the band could be satisfied by the lyrics. Putting their heads together all 4 members assembled the lyrics referencing a one night stand from the woman’s perspective.

From The Artist : “Float into the smoky atmosphere. Akin to a lover that is only existent for one night stand. The next morning, they’re just a phantom.

The artwork depicts a large hand controlling an astronaut like a puppet, playing into sexually suggestive connotations with the grayscale appearance complementing the metalness of the sound.”

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