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Song Premiere : “Quicksand” – Emily Merrell

Emily Merrell is a natural storyteller and through her dreamy pop sound, she guides her listeners through a tale of finding connection with yourself and others. Her upcoming album, The Hallowed Wide, takes us on a fantasy-like journey through the Hallowed Wide, the name Emily gave the sacred space between ourselves and others, or our current selves and the versions of ourselves we’re trying to grow into. It’s the messiness of vulnerability, trust, and intimacy.

Her new single “Quicksand” is the final piece of the story of the Hallowed wide. It’s a plunge into the unknown, a surrender into the mystery and intimacy of connection. The song itself has a Little Mermaid feeling with the high notes of the piano and an Ariana Grande sort of fantasy pop vibe.

Emily defies the limit of pop by adding pauses here and there, accentuating the feeling of mystery and the unknown. When the music stops, you don’t know what’s happening, but you surrender yourself to the music. It’s beautifully written.

Emily Merrell’s ability to tell stories through music is what separates her from everyone else. Her album is not just a collection of songs, it’s a novel with ever song as another chapter. The only way to find out is to listen.

From The Artist
: Quicksand is all about those first delicious moments of a new infatuation—that flip-flopping in your stomach, the dreamy hope of a forever kind of love, the all-encompassing fear that you’ve read the situation all wrong. The song begins enraptured by the mystery of this new someone. We wonder whether we’ll emerge as the hero of this particular story, or if we’re just a sidenote in this stranger’s narrative. We wonder how the stranger sees us, what they’re thinking, which of us has the upper hand. Footing less certain than ever, we decide to throw caution to the wind as we submit wholly to the beautiful unknown.

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