nodisco. Releases New Track ‘In Bloom’

nodisco. is the moniker of musician Chris Toufexis. His first project, Who Knew I’d Write Songs About You?, released in May 2021 and has accumulated more than 4 million streams to date. Glittered with everything from shoegaze to new jack swing, the project set the stage for nodisco.’s endless and ever-changing sonic palette.

This upcoming project is no different. The first taste so far is the latest single, “In Bloom.” nodisco. once again, is letting us into his cinematic world, much like an episodic TV show, as the listener must eagerly await each song to have the pieces all come together on the full release TBA.

“‘In Bloom’ is a sonic recollection of my most memorable night in Los Angeles the summer of 2021,” Toufexis explains. “I played a rooftop acoustic show, met a bunch of people, and ended the night skinny-dipping with the same people in Venice Beach. It truly felt like living through a TV show episode. The whole vision behind this song was to create the soundtrack to that night, and I think it does that well.”

Take a listen to the track below!


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