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Song Premiere : “Adore” – James McLeod feat. AARYS

James McLeod is a singer-songwriter from Toronto. While his primary focus was instrumental lofi hip-hop production under the name LaFlamme, James yearned to be his own artist with his own voice. Forthcoming debut LP, Is This How Memories Work?, runs the gamut of folktronic, lofi, bedroom pop and indie sounds, exploring the distortion of memories over time.

His latest release, “Adore” (feat. AARYS), is a modern love song expressing profound gratitude for the seemingly unimportant moments we get to spend with people we love.

From The Artist : Once we were halfway through writing the chorus, AARYS and I knew we were on the path to writing the most sweet, quirky, warm, modern love song we possibly could.

This song is about being profoundly grateful for the seemingly unimportant moments that we get to spend with people we love. “Adore” feels like the kind of love that is cozy, familiar and beautiful; you don’t have to try hard. There’s a sense of security and safety in the company of a soulmate, in which not much else really matters when time seems to pause. Those moments are a snapshot of the true essence of what it feels like to adore not just a person, but life itself.

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