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Song Premiere : “Delaware” – Dear Daria

The quartet pop rock band, Dear Daria, is seeping with 90’s nostalgia in every aspect of their lives. From the name of their band, which was named after the animated series Daria, to their unique contemporary 90’s pop-rock/pop-punk music, Dear Daria aims to create music that’s both sincere and fun.

“We love how cynical, snarky, and smart the character Daria was; her spirit resonates with us,” vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist Maryjo says. “There’s a sincerity, a sweetness, and a silliness in 1980s and 1990s pop culture that we tap into as songwriters,” bassist Eamonn Donnelly details. Adds guitarist Josh Hunter: “We strive for a balance with being nostalgic, but also saying something genuine with our songs.”

Their new single, “Delaware,” is a melodic and fun song that’s reminiscent of Paramore and P!nk. The song was inspired by the band’s favorite movie and SNL skit, Wayne’s World. Every time they drove through Delaware to get to New York, one of them would say, “Or, you could be magically whisked away to….Delaware…” and the other would reply, “Hi…I’m in…Delaware…”

“Delaware” is an upbeat and hypnotic song that is sure to get stuck in your head. You find yourself singing along and dancing at every turn. The song is personal to the band and what they say made them feel official.

From The Artist
: “Delaware” holds a special place in Dear Daria’s heart as it’s one of the first songs we worked on collectively as a group. It all started while passing the exit for Wilmington on I-95 en route home to Washington, DC from playing some shows up in NYC. Guitarist, Joshua Hunter, and I share a deep affection for the 1992 cult classic, Wayne’s World, and inevitably recite the iconic “Hi, I’m in Delaware” line every time we pass through the small state. On one such occasion, I took the joke one step further and suggested writing a song with that line as the hook. Within a few days, I had a chord progression and some lyrics about a romantic couple in a bit of a rut. The rest of the band breathed life into it: Scott added these Stuart Copeland style drum flourishes, Josh worked out some really fun guitar licks, and Eamonn’s bass run leading into the final chorus is absolute perfection. While it is littered with Wayne’s World and 90s pop culture references, we think even those born after the era of dial-up internet will be singing along in the choruses.

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